Board of Trustees

In June 2019 the new Manukorihi Intermediate Board of Trustees took office and we look forward to working with the school community over the next three years.

The Board of Trustees and staff endeavour to make the two years at Manukorihi Intermediate as successful as possible, by providing a proficient learning environment enabling students to have a good sense of belonging, ownership of their learning, leadership opportunities, building relationships with peers and teachers and a good sense of wellbeing.  We aim to cater for diverse learning needs for all students.

Our school has many activities and programmes to extend children’s learning and advance their education.  Students are encouraged to embrace every learning opportunity available to them and participate fully in all aspects of school life.

Parents and caregivers are very welcome at our school.  We are very aware the link between home, school and the community is essential to help students achieve their learning goals and achieving the skills and knowledge to SOAR into the future with confidence.

There are many opportunities for parents and caregivers to support the school by providing transport for school trips, coaching and assisting with sports teams, music cultural activities, helping out with the Home & School committee or the Board of Trustees.

Parent Representatives

Nathan Eriwata (Chairperson)

Mark Stevenson

Terence Waiariki

Grant Foreman

Kalani Crofskey

Martinelle Lobb (Co-opted)

Staff Representative

Aileen Turner


Fiona Low


Lynda Ricketts

The Board of Trustees meet on the 3rd & 8th Thursday of each term at 4.30pm in the Teacher Resource Room.